Board Member Education

Serving on a Board of Directors for a community association has significant responsibilities and requirements to follow corporate and government codes as liability exists if Board Members take action or make decisions outside of these legal guidelines.

Optimum provides this orientation program for Board Members as we feel it is our professional responsibility to outline, in detail, the parameters they must govern within. This orientation extends our knowledge from twenty plus years of experience in the community management industry to benefit Board Members. We encourage all Board Members to take advantage of this opportunity.

We provide the orientation to individual association Board’s so planning regarding aspects of their community management, decision making policies and procedures can be discussed between Board Members, the community manager and our Vice President of Business Development to determine an improved course of action.

You will become informed regarding:

  • How California Civil Code, Corporations Code and the Davis Sterling Act determine the parameters Board Members act within.
  • Legal requirements for agendas, meetings, minutes and all forms of Board Member communication.
  • Board Member legal liability.
  • Board Member communication with homeowners and association vendors.
  • Requirements for what must be disclosed in Minutes and included on Meeting Agendas.
  • Adoption of a Board Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy.
  • Adoption of an Electronic Communications Policy.
  • Review of the California Association of Community Management Firm requirements.
  • Review of the service requirements provided by community management firms.
  • Understanding the power of the “Good Business Judgment Rule.”

The knowledge required to serve on a Board of Directors has become more critical due to the current challenges they face with regards to association law, collection practices and CC&R enforcement requirements. Optimum’s Board Member Orientation begins our education process and is reinforced with Board Bulletins provided in Director Reports for every Board of Directors Meeting.

Thank you very much for your thorough review and responses to my questions. This has been very informative to me and the board. Your recommendations make a great deal of sense. As other information flows in, the board will be better prepared to make decisions that may be needed on these accounts."

Valery M. | Board Member, Homeowners Association

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