Since 1996, Optimum has been providing professional association management services to Homeowner Associations throughout Southern California.

The most successful Community Associations promote harmony and a sense of community through responsible leadership. Board Members rely on Optimum as their compass in leading and recommending best practices to foster a lively, responsive and competent community association.

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Optimum provides professional management services for the following types of communities:

  • Master Planned Communities
  • Single Family Homes
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Condominium Communities
  • Business Parks
  • Commercial Associations


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  • After speaking with the other board members we are all in agreement that Optimum has done a very good job. Simply stated, our community manager is fabulous. All the members of the Optimum group we have worked with have been professional and timely in their responses. Clearly we made the right decision.

    Myra T. | Board Member

  • Dear Shannon, I wanted you to know that Megan did an outstanding job last night. It was a challenging session but very impressive how she kept the subject on task while patiently and calmly answering the questions being tossed her way in a confusing manner.

    Jackie B. | Board Member

  • Just wanted to give a huge thank you and wonderful feedback regarding John, billing department. We have always had positive, professional, and courteous experiences. John is an exemplary person and very professional – thank you for making our experience a positive and thoughtful one.

    Catherine P. | Homeowner

  • Thank you for your prompt response. Thank you for your efforts and hard work put into our Association. Your company has been very responsive, diligent and professional to date. It is a breath of fresh air.

    Mike B. | Board Member

  • Our transition to Optimum has been seamless. We are very pleased. Our vendors have expressed how pleased they are to be working with Optimum.

    Board of Directors

  • I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I am enjoying working with our property manager. It is my belief that she is a perfect fit for our community. She is responsive and has great suggestions about different ways to handle things. She also completes task for us in a timely manner. I could not be happier with her as our manager and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know.

    Sara A. | Board Member

  • Thank you very much for your thorough review and responses to my questions. This has been very informative to me and the board. Your recommendations make a great deal of sense. As other information flows in, the board will be better prepared to make decisions that may be needed on these accounts.

    Valery M. | Board Member

  • You have become an invaluable member of the Optimum support team for the Altamar association. I want to personally thank you for the “above and beyond” service you’ve been providing to our Board. Since you were called on to find a solution to our financial shortage during our transition we have made great strides.

    Susan D. | Board Member

  • I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you. You are very talented, hardworking and conscientious. Thank you for a very complete and helpful report. Thanks so much for your flexibility. It is very much appreciated.

    Kim B. | Finance Committee

Accredited Community Management Firm

The Accredited Community Management Firm (ACMF) designation was established to ensure standards of practice and professionalism for firms managing California community associations. Management firm certification sends our message of commitment to the associations we manage with adherence to the highest state-specific industry standards. Read More.

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