Billing and Assessment Collection

Optimum has implemented many services to pursue the collection of assessments which are the lifeline of community association’s financial stability. We believe that monthly billing maintains a consistent reminder to Homeowners and impacts the collection of assessments for Associations.

Our assessment solution system enables Homeowners to use Automatic Clearing House payments, Optimum’s Website for on-line payments and credit card payments to secure your communities assessments. Homeowners may access their account information on-line thru the Optimum website at their convenience.

We manage the Association’s assessment and collection policy as aggressively as the Board directs through the lien process and up to initiating foreclosure. At that point, the history of accounts moving into foreclosure, are turned over to the Association’s collection attorney. Our integrated voice response system ensures that every Homeowner call regarding their account is answered by a live person providing a higher degree of success in collecting outstanding assessments.

Optimum provides a delinquency aging and collection status reports for Board of Director meetings included in the Directors Report. Information regarding Homeowners requesting payment plans is presented to the Board at every Board Meeting for consideration.

You have become an invaluable member of the Optimum support team for the Altamar association. I want to personally thank you for the "above and beyond" service you've been providing to our Board. Since you were called on to find a solution to our financial shortage during our transition we have made great strides."

Susan D. | Board President, Homeowners Association

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