Communities Contribute Buck-A-Door

By Morgen Hardigree, CCAM-ND, Vice President of Business Development and Transitions

Through the efforts of community managers and community volunteer leaders, we are happy to report that over $60,000.00 was raised for the 2016 Buck-a-Door Campaign.

With the Buck-A-Door donation program, community associations can fund CLAC efforts by contributing just one dollar per residence each year.  CLAC relies on support from millions of people who own homes in California community associations to continue its work on their behalf.

When attending community meetings and presenting the program to board members, there are always questions raised by boards concerning political motivations of CLAC.  That is why it’s so important for managers to become more involved with CLAC and better understand what the legislative action committee does.

Managers who are more involved with CLAC can better educate their boards of directors and get the support needed for this important program.  It’s also beneficial for managers to update their board members in their monthly reports to show how pending litigation monitored by CLAC can impact community associations and its residents.

CLAC has numerous resources available to members who want to stay informed and educate their board.  We encourage managers and board members to sign-up for the CLAC-TRAC email newsletters. The following resources are also available to create awareness of CAI-CLAC’s efforts. These can be found under the “Donate” tab on CLAC’s website:

If you have any issues downloading these documents, simply send an email to office@CAICLAC.COM and request that the documents be emailed to you.

Ms. Hardigree also sits on the CAI-OCRC Legislative Support Committee, and is the Vice-Chair of the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) PR Committee.  She is also a Member at Large CLAC Delegate and holds the office of Secretary of the Executive Committee.