Due to the unusual severity of the recent storms, a significant amount of maintenance issues were experienced in a very short period of time thus inundating roofing vendors – and other related vendors such as restoration companies – with calls and service requests. While we have multiple vendors to address these issues, the volume experienced in Orange County and surrounding areas has been huge, leaving vendors to work tirelessly to prioritize, schedule, repair and follow-up on an unusually large amount of calls. As of now, these vendors are still in the process of finalizing repairs from January’s storms.

We are now on alert for another series of reportedly short duration but high energy storms equal to or even slightly more intense than last month’s onslaught. In response to the latest weather alerts, Optimum is staffing up to again handle the increase in calls both during and outside of business hours in order to provide the initial service required for our homeowners. Our Maintenance Coordinators are working overtime to handle the flood of incoming calls as well as the increased number of follow-up calls necessitated by these extreme circumstances. As you know, in addition to our own in-house staff, we have an after-hours service available 24/7 to receive emergency calls. The service has contact information for the appropriate vendors in addition to manager contact information. As always, our managers are on-call at all times to address emergencies as needed.

While our staff is at the ready, ensuring all service orders are placed, please be reminded that ultimately it is in the hands of the professional vendors to be able to prioritize, contact homeowners, schedule and repair the issues. They are working hard to provide for all, but unfortunately due to the unusual amount of rainfall they are doing their best and we ask that you please understand the circumstances. There are safety regulations that limit roof access during rain so while a request can be made for repair and even tarping, access may be limited during the actual storm. Homeowners will be relied upon to mitigate damages by doing such things as placing buckets in appropriate areas and moving personal property as needed and perhaps even poking pinholes in sagging ceilings to alleviate water pressure. While this can be a very stressful and difficult time, your patience and partnership is greatly needed and appreciated while we all work tirelessly to facilitate homeowner needs. Thank you in advance and let’s batten down the hatches! You are our priority and we are in this together.