From Good to Great

EVERY COMMUNITY has its own history, personality, attributes and challenges, but all associations share common characteristics and core principles.

Good associations preserve the character of their communities, protect property values and meet the established expectations of homeowners.

Great associations also cultivate a true sense of community, promote active homeowner involvement and create a culture of informed consensus.

We wanted to share with you the principles of community association success by providing you with a FREE Copy of Community Association’s Institute From-Good-To-Great, Principles for Community Association Success. 

You will learn about:

» Rights and responsibilities for better communities

» Community association governance guidelines

» Model code of ethics for community association board members

» Community association fundamentals

Optimum has been helping communities in Southern California take their community from good to great for more than twenty years.

Please Contact Optimum today at 1-(800)-700-5744 or visit our website at www.optimumpm.com  to obtain a copy and to learn how you can elevate your community.