• HOA Management Overview

Leadership, Planning, Communication and Service

Our Core4™ Principles sets us apart from the rest, providing the Optimum experience for your community.

Following the Core4™ principles of our company promise, we help Associations reduce risk and achieve results in the areas they care about most: governing effectively; preserving assets; maintaining property values; and creating harmony within the community. The links between our principles and our promise are visualized for you here:

How Your Vision Becomes Our Mission

Leadership: We will provide the advice, resources and management tools, you need to lead and govern with confidence, and to create the secure, harmonious environment you envision for your community.
Service: When you or your homeowners contact us for any reason, we will respond quickly, with the level of courtesy and professionalism you expect from a leading community management company.
Planning: Using our deep understanding of your vision, goals and budget, we will help you develop a plan that ensures funding for short-term and long-term improvements is available when you need it.
Communication: Through familiar channels such as a mobile app, e-mail blast, newsletter, website and special events, we will help you maintain Board-homeowner connections that promote harmony, goodwill and trust.
Find Out What Sets Optimum Apart
Board Member Education

From board meeting preparation and management to after hours emergency services we provide full service community management to help give board members peace-of-mind.

Community Management

Optimum ensures that your board is properly educated in all aspects of community management governance and decision making policy and procedures.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

We manage all aspects of your association’s accounting and provide your board with consistent financial reporting and planning to help ensure that your board is comfortable with the financial status of their association.

Billing & Assessment Collection

The collection of assessments is the lifeline of an association’s financial stability. Our assessment solutions system helps ensure consistent collection of assessments for our associations.

Escrow Services

Optimum’s Escrow Department provides services for real estate professionals to assist buyers or sellers in your community in meeting the specific legal requirements of information disclosures relating to the operations of the association.

Administrative Services

We’re prepared to help administrate every aspect of your association. Optimum’s infrastructure allows us to remain flexible in adapting administrative services for all types of associations.

Maintenance Supervision & Coordination

We know that having a well-manicured and properly maintained community is essential to enhancing your property value. Your community manager will monitor all aspects of maintenance supervision and coordination.

Community Websites

Your community’s website is your neighborhood's digital identity. Optimum can build your association a custom website that is tailored to your community’s needs.

Added Value Services

Our goal is to provide your community with additional value every chance we get. From providing additional analysis and tracking of projects to including an association profile and annual calendar in all director reports, we make sure to provide your community with maximum value.

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What Others Are Saying About Optimum

Our transition to Optimum has been seamless. We are very pleased. Our Homeowners and vendors have expressed how pleased they are to be working with Optimum.

Board of Directors

After Speaking with other board members we are all in agreement that Optimum has done an excellent job. Simply stated, our community manager is fabulous. And all the members of the Optimum team we have worked with have been professional and timely in their responses. Clearly, we made the right decision.

Myra T.
Board Member