Escrow / Title Companies

By Morgen Hardigree | Feb 12 2016

Escrow Services

Optimum partners with HomeWiseDocs, one of the most trusted names in real estate transactions. HomeWiseDocs provides a superior and innovative service that simplifies the delivering and collection of data for all parties involved with the transaction.

If you would like to order the following documents:

  • Demand statement
  • Questionnaire / Cert*
  • HOA documents
  • Insurance information

Go directly to the HomeWiseDocs website at If you need further assistance you can call their Customer Service Department at 1-866-925-5004.

* If the lender requires their own form to be completed, HomeWiseDocs will provide further assistance with a request through their website services.

If you would like to contact Optimum’s Escrow Department you can e-mail the Escrow Manager or call 714-508-9070 Option #2.