Developer Services

The Developer Services Team at Optimum Professional Property Management knows that Developers want.  To do what they do best, and that is to build homes.

Our Developer Services has all of the checks and balances in place. We provide builders the peace-of-mind by managing all aspects of new homes.

Selecting Optimum as a partner allows developers to focus their attention to all of the intricate details that are involved in new construction. We transform their vision into viable, thriving communities with happy homeowners.

Professionals, You Can Trust

Our Property Management team is familiar with the procedures in setting up a new association.  During the creation of the new community, Optimum will:

  • Develop the Community Handbook
  • Host BRE Kick-Off Meetings
  • Organize New Homeowner Meet & Greets

Extensive Board Training

We offer Board Member Training Programs to educate your new Board of Directors. We train them so they are familiar with all of the specifics of your new community with a focus on the BRE budget and governing documents.  Learn more about our Board Member Education program.

Developer Services Is Our Strength

We stay in close contact with your Sales Office and Customer Service Representatives. Answer any association management questions they may have and will have your community all set up in our system anxiously waiting for your first escrow closings.

As experts in the common area turn over process and managing boards with builder representation, we will ensure a smooth transition prior to the builder stepping down from the board.  

Once all builder representatives are no longer serving on the board, Optimum stays in contact with their builder partners for a minimum of 10 years.

Community Harmony Program

Protecting, maintaining, and enhancing your property value is our priority. Optimum brings unity to your association by providing expert leadership, diligent planning, communication, and extensive board member education.


Our transition to Optimum has been seamless. We are very pleased. Our vendors have expressed how pleased they are to be working with Optimum.

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