Added Value Services

Community Managers understand that in some cases Board Members need additional analysis or tracking of a project. Our certified managers are eager to provide information in any commonly used reporting form to assist Board Members in better analyzing a situation.

Optimum provides photographs in conjunction with site inspection reports so Board Members can see specific violations. This is particularly valuable on the day of the Board Meeting when the Homeowner is being called to a hearing.

We are able to include the Association Profile and Annual Calendar in all Directors Reports. Many Board’s request they be included once or twice a year to save on reproduction costs. As we reference these reports on a daily basis, the Community Manager would bring these reports to every Board Meeting.

Our Board Member Orientation and the consistent sharing of educational materials enable Board Members to be aware of changing laws and how those changes affect their responsibilities. The Community Management industry is constantly changing. We are committed to communicating those changes to Board Members as it often impacts their decisions for the community.

Optimum encourages Associations to use our two conference rooms for Board of Director or Committee meetings at no cost to the Association. Many communities do not have meeting facilities so our meeting rooms are a viable alternative to renting a meeting room.

Thanks so much Morgen, we did too and I know we keep saying this, but really it is so nice to have you working with us. It is nice to have someone that is fun to work with and knows what they are doing. All of the board feels very secure with you and especially feel good that we will be able to get everything in order and managed properly for a change. Two things we all notice; how much has been accomplished in the short time you have been on board and that in our first meeting we all really clicked. We have never had that at Terra Bella before and it makes the whole situation a lot better for everyone."

Phillip K. | Board Member, Homeowners Association

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