Frequently Asked Questions

Optimum Professional Property Management was founded in 1996.  We provide Management Leadership and Planning to Homeowner Associations throughout Southern California.  Optimum is celebrating over 20 years in business!
Optimum currently manages more than 100+ Associations.
We currently employ 45+ employees, 20 of which are Certified Community Association Managers.
The average Community Manager manages 5-7 communities. Communities are assigned based on the amount of work each Association generates. Managers have a service balanced portfolio of condominiums, PUD's and single family homes with consideration given for the frequency of Board meetings and site inspections which most often occur monthly, every other month or quarterly.
Optimum requires all of its managers to hold the CCAM (Certified Community Association Manager) designation that entails ongoing education to remain in good standing with CACM. Managers who are not certified on their date of hire must become so within 1 year of their hire date. Additional education and training is provided by Community Manager attendance at the industry's semi annual industry legal seminars. Consistent education is provided to all Community Managers through frequently scheduled mandatory meetings to ensure that our staff is up to date on all law changes, industry vendor information, and current issues Board Members need guidance to manage. Industry Associations created for the growth and enhancement of professional management hold monthly classes and seminars which have class hours assigned to each. These classes contribute to the required educational hours needed for a Certified Community Manager to maintain their certification designation. Optimum subscribes to the Davis Sterling Act newsletter, published monthly, which is distributed to employees and Board Members.
Optimum carefully selects employees who are experienced, capable and loyal professionals. Most of our Management team has been in the industry for 5 or more years and the majority of our Community Managers have been with us for 3 or more years.
Optimum selects employees from a panel interview process where a group of people weigh in on how the candidate will adapt to our company culture, standards of performance and understand our attention to detail and service commitment. We target employment longevity and a desire to advance as our company grows. We treat our employees with respect, taking every opportunity to consider a healthy life work balance. Our culture supports the celebration of achievements, successful client partnerships, and performance challenges. We provide the opportunity for our employees to participate in monthly social activities, medical and dental plans, a 401K program and employee incentive programs.
Optimum's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an accountant, managing and advising our Billing and Collections, Escrow, Accounts Payable, Budget and Financial Reporting Departments. The CFO reviews and analyzes all financial statements providing consistent communication with our Community Managers.
Fiscal year-end audits and tax returns are performed in accordance with civil code by a third party CPA that is voted on and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. The Association's Community Manager will provide a bid comparison to the Board of Directors approximately 4 months prior to the fiscal year end so that the 120-day notice to the membership required by Civil Code is met.
Optimum prepares a draft pro forma budget based on the Association's 12 month average and the reserve study funding recommended by the reserve company the Board of Director's choose through the bidding process, to perform that fiscal year's study. The draft budget will be presented to the Board for a majority vote.
Optimum has implemented a call center process to ensure that no Homeowner who calls in regarding their account will be sent to voice mail. Every Homeowner speaks to a live person regarding their assessment account. We have increased staff levels in our Billing and Collections Department to accommodate fluctuations and need.
Optimum offers an ACH program to every homeowner at no cost and facilitates the recurring transfers. Homeowners are also able to make one-time payments by credit card or check through Optimum's online pay service via our website.
Optimum is able to process assessment payments made by check at our office between the hours of 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday through Friday. We also have a drop box for after hour deliveries. Additional Billing Information: Optimum processes collections and delinquencies in accordance with the Association's governing documents and California Civil Code. An aging report is provided to the Board as part of the monthly financials. Foreclosures are processed in accordance with California Civil Code via the Association's collection attorney.
Optimum will obtain as many bids as necessary to provide three comparable bids to the Board for consideration along with a bid comparison summary. The bid comparison includes the vendor names, scope of work, cost of the project and the funds available per the Association's most recent financial statements.
Optimum maintains a regularly updated list of approved vendors who have provided quality work in a timely manner to our clients in the past. We ensure that all vendors have accurate, current licensing for the work being performed, insurance coverage and bonding as necessary.
Optimum is pleased to utilize all vendors an Association is using at the time the Board of Directors contract with us. We will monitor their sense of urgency and accurate communication and inform the Board of their performance. We strongly recommend that all vendors used by a Homeowners Association be licensed, bonded and insured appropriately.
While Community Managers are transcribing Board of Director meeting minutes they create an Action Item Report which includes all directives indicated in the minutes of the meeting. The minutes and action list can be emailed five working days after the meeting to all Board Members for their review. A copy of the minutes and the Action Item List with the Community Managers status updates regarding progress details or completion details are included in the following months Directors Report for final review.
Site inspections are performed monthly or as specified by the Board of Directors and indicated in our agreement. In addition to site inspection the Community Manager commonly makes notes regarding vendor performance, maintenance related issues, safety concerns and parking violations if applicable.
Homeowners are able to report maintenance issues via fax, phone, email or thru Optimum's website. The maintenance coordinator dedicated to the Association processes the Homeowner concerns and after being reviewed by the Community Manager, the request is sent to the appropriate vendor.
Once Optimum is aware of a maintenance request or concern, a confirmation is sent to the Homeowner who reported the request. It provides the date of the reported concern, the work order number, the address where the work is needed and the maintenance coordinator's contact information.
Optimum has an excellent long standing service relationship with an after hours emergency service. Homeowners calling our regular business phone number after hours will receive instructions on how to contact the emergency service directly. Community Managers are also available via cell phone and can be reached by the emergency service if an irregular emergency occurs.
Architectural applications are date stamped upon receipt and forwarded to the Board of Directors or Architectural Committee (whichever applies) with a cover letter specifying the date that an approval is needed. Approval or denial letters are forwarded to the Homeowners upon the Board of Director's majority vote at a meeting or after receiving Board/Committee signatures on the application itself. The Community Manager will place all outstanding architectural applications on the next Board meeting Agenda for review by the Board.
Concerns regarding neighbor non-compliance can be submitted to management in writing and if the complaint proves to be a legitimate breach of the governing documents, a violation letter is generated and sent to the Homeowner. The Homeowner's correspondence and a copy of the violation are forwarded to the Board for review in the Director's Report.
Optimum will not align themselves with any vendor or service, in any capacity. We do not accept referral awards from vendors.

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