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Accredited Community Management Firm

The following criteria must be met to maintain the Accredited Community Management Firm (ACMF) designation through California Association of Community Managers (CACM).

1 The management firm must be a member in good standing with Management Firm Counsel (MFC).

2 The management firm must have one (1) CCAM, Certified Community Association Manager in good standing in an executive position for no less than six (6) months, who directs and supervises the firm's community association management operations. Further, each branch and/or regional office must also be supervised by a CCAM.

3 The management firm must provide evidence that each community association manager employed by the firm completes the certification program requirements within two (2) years of becoming a CCAM candidate.

4 If the management firm has an ownership change during the recertification period (every three (3) years) a letter of disclosure is required confirming the management firm's compliance with all requirements.

5 The management firm must provide evidence of all necessary insurance coverage in amounts sufficient to protect the interest of the firm's clients, including but not limited to, general liability, a fidelity bond protecting the client's funds, and worker's compensation. An errors and omissions policy in the amount not less than $1,000,000 must be in place at the time of re-certification.

6 Each management firm must engage a CACM approved CPA firm to conduct an independent review of the firm's financial controls, based upon the CACM approved internal control questionnaire, every three (3) years. The firm must provide CACM with a letter from the approved CPA indicating a passing score.

7 The management firm's CEO, Officers and Managers must adhere to the published CACM Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice, and comply with contractual standards equal to the CACM approved Standardized Management Contract. The ingredients for compliance to the Contractual Standards are as follows:

  • A. Disclosures in accordance with Civil Code 5375
  • B. Specific appointment and acceptance recital(s)
  • C. General specifications covering service
  • D. Definition of:
    1. Term of Contract
    2. Termination Clause
    3. Insurance
    4. Idemnification
    5. Compensation
    6. Extra Services and Costs
    7. Signature Page for Agent

8 The management firm must supply a brief history, organizational chart, narrative describing services offered, and original sample of the firm's letterhead stationary and business card, as required by CACM.

9 The management firm's CCAM in the executive position must have successfully completed the CACM Core course, Ethics for California Community Association Managers prior to the firm receiving the "ACMF" designation.

10 The management firm must provide a letter of compliance indicating compliance With the California Labor Code 6401.7 (Health and Safety)

11 The management firm must provide a business license for the city as required by CACM.

Optimum Professional Property Management, Inc., maintains the Accredited Community Management Firm (ACMF) designation and requires every community manager to become a Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) within one (1) year from their hire date which exceeds the CACM requirements. We understand that to ensure client confidence and to set ourselves apart from our competition it is our responsibility to maintain the highest industry standard. We are dedicated to setting standards of excellence for the community management industry while promoting professional ethics, a value added focus on education and following best practices.

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