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By Morgen Hardigree | Feb 21 2017

Due to the unusual severity of the recent storms, a significant amount of maintenance issues were experienced in a very short period of time thus inundating roofing vendors - and other related vendors such as restoration companies - with calls and service requests. Whil..

Required Janitorial Service Registration

By Morgen Hardigree | Feb 06 2017

By:  Dirk E. Petchul of Berding / Weil Effective July 1, 2018 Labor Code ..

6 Ways to Save on Property Management

By Morgen Hardigree | Jan 25 2017

Want to save money on community management? Here’s how…

At Optimum, we know that your community is on a budget. As a board member, you are accountable for every dollar spent. But financial management doesn’t need ..

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What is Important to your Community Association Members?

By Morgen Hardigree | Jan 13 2017

Board members are decision makers for the entire community. Therefore, it is necessary to have some form of outreach to understand clearly the priorities and needs of all the members within the community. Ask your committee representatives for their perspective on needs..

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