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SB 918 – You Want Notice Where?

By Morgen Hardigree | Nov 18 2016

By: Robert M. DeNichilo, Esq; Nordberg|DeNichilo, LLP One of the more interesting bills that came out of a relatively quiet year from a legislative standpoint for California’s community associations is SB 918. This law, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017, do..


From Good to Great

By Morgen Hardigree | Nov 11 2016

EVERY COMMUNITY has its own history, personality, attributes and challenges, but all associations share common characteristics and core principles. Good associations preserve the character of their communities, protect property values and mee..


Choosing the Right Management Company

By Morgen Hardigree | Nov 01 2016

Why Is Choosing the Right Property Management Company So Important? As a board member your main goal is to preserve and protect the community’s financial strength, while enhancing property values. If the board of directors isn’t guided by expert ..


Leadership and Community Manager Training Programs

By Optimum | Mar 15 2016

The community management industry is an ever-changing business. New legislation, technology, and processes are continually coming into the picture. It is important that your community manager is provided the best in enhanced leadership and management training available...