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What is Important to your Community Association Members?

By Morgen Hardigree | Jan 13 2017

Board members are decision makers for the entire community. Therefore, it is necessary to have some form of outreach to understand clearly the priorities and needs of all the members within the community. Ask your committee representatives for their perspective on needs..

Communities Contribute Buck-A-Door

By Morgen Hardigree | Dec 22 2016

By Morgen Hardigree, CCAM-ND, Vice President of Business Development and Transitions Through the efforts of community managers and community volunteer leaders, we are happy to report that over $60,000.00 was raised for the 2016 Buck-a-Door Campaign. With the Buck-..

Short Term Rentals in Communities-a Constantly Changing Landscape

By Morgen Hardigree | Dec 14 2016

By:  Amy K. Tinetti, Esq., Hughes Gill Cochrane P.C. Rental restrictions have been a topic of conversation among those living in and serving community associations for several years.  However, in the past few years the conversation has shifted from things such as r..

HOA Board Function: Maintain Common Area

By Morgen Hardigree | Dec 05 2016

By:  James McCormick, Jr., LLP, CCAL, Partner at Peters & Freedman, LLP Another main function of the board is to maintain common area within an association. Common area may include greenbelts, floral landscape, open space areas, recreational facilities and stree..

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